Mold/Microbial Remediation

Concerned about mold growing in your building? Advanced Remediation Service’s trained team of remediation professionals removes and decontaminates mold to create a safer environment for you.


What is mold?

With thousands of known species of molds, mold is a diverse fungal growth with some variants that can be potentially harmful to your health. Mold grows on organic substances and especially in dark, damp, steamy, and wet areas. If your building has recently faced water damage or has high levels of moisture in the air, mold growth may be likely.

Why is mold concerning?

While some species are harmless, others can produce allergens that trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions, or even toxins and irritants that pose serious health risks. Large amounts of mold or prolonged exposure can be particularly harmful.

Symptoms of mold exposure can include sore throat or cough, watery or itchy eyes, headaches or migraines, sneezing, or fatigue. Serious symptoms can include rashes, difficulty breathing, digestive issues, aches and pains, or nosebleeds.

Can I remove mold myself?

While some instances of mold may be removed with household chemical disinfectants and cleaners, only trained specialists can estimate the extent of mold damage especially if it is growing in a hard to reach or see area. Attempting to remediate a large, contaminated area by yourself may cause further spread of the mold.

Our site visits and assessments are free of charge, and we will develop a detailed plan for remediation and removal.