Lead-based Paint Removal

Our remediation professionals are trained and certified to detect and remove instances of lead-based paint. Let Advanced Remediation Services take care of this health concern to provide a safe environment for your home or office.


What is lead-based paint?

Until 1978 in the United States, lead was added to paint to increase durability, accelerate drying, enhance appearance, and resist moisture deterioration. Lead has since been banned in household paints because of its well-known health effects. Any building built before 1978 may have lead-based paints, even under additional coats of paints.

Why is lead-based paint a concern?

Lead-based paint is highly toxic, and high levels of exposure can be lethal. Prolonged exposure to lead can cause high blood pressure, digestive problems, reproductive issues, and damage to the nervous system.

Lead is especially harmful to children and can cause greater damage than to adults. Lead-based paint can taste sweet, which can encourage children to put lead chips into their mouths. Lead exposure in children can damage their brains and nervous systems, leading to slow growth and development, as well as behavioral, learning, hearing, and speech problems.

What can I do about lead-based paint?

Having lead-based paint in your building may not be a problem unless you are anticipating significant renovation. Similar to asbestos, the harm from lead-based paint comes from inhaling or ingesting the substance. This typically happens more often when renovation or demolition is performed and surfaces are sanded, heated, or drilled, causing the paint to chip, dust, or flake away. If you are planning a renovation of your structure, make sure to test for lead-based paint and remediate prior to the start of your project to ensure the safety of your environment.

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