Mike Anderson

“Working with Shawn and the crews over the past several years has always been very professional, if issues come up they devise a plan and implement the plan. In today’s world there are so many rules and regulations, and you can tell the companies that have stayed ahead of the curve and ARS is one of these companies. Shawn has always worked with me to achieve the same goal: to have a product that meets or exceeds the customer’s expectations with safety, budget, and morals.”

Jerry Brady III
JBI Construction

“I have had Shawn on many projects over the last few years from transite pipe to VAT abatement, they are simply the best asbestos contractor around. They know how to work with the corps of engineers, their submittals are perfect every time and their onsite work is faster, cleaner and quieter than anybody else.”

Brian Jackson

“It is with my highest endorsement that I am writing to recommend the services of Advanced Remediation Services. I have had the opportunity to employ this company on dozens of occasions over the past few years to complete abatement and demolition services on our military construction contracts. I have always found them not just extremely knowledgeable and competent at the work, but also highly invested in not just their own success, but the success of the entire project and all of those involved. It is this attitude that has resulted in me using them over and over on repeated projects, and why I am so confident in writing this recommendation for this excellent company.”

Jeff Richards
Beckrich Construction

“For the past several years, Beckrich is honored to have a very strong working relationship with ARS. ARS has provided Beckrich with outstanding support on several Federal and commercial projects over the past several years. ARS has always exceeded the project expectations and the project contract requirements while providing the highest level of management and expertise. ARS understands the Federal Contracting reporting requirements and successfully meets those same requirements on a timely fashion. We, Beckrich, are very much looking forward to many more partnering years with ARS. Thanks for the outstanding support.”

Brandice Eslinger
All-Phase Environmental

“ARS is a cost-competitive, trust-worthy abatement company that we refer to clients because we know they will get a fair price and the job will be done correctly. They are dependable and professional. It has always been a pleasure working with ARS and we look forward to teaming up with them on future projects.”

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