Interior Demolition

The team at Advanced Remediation Services is ready to serve your selective interior demolition needs. And since we specialize in abatement and hazard remediation, materials on your work site are guaranteed to be handled and disposed of carefully and safely.

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Can I demo my house, or business, myself?

Demolition can be hazardous to your health and is not recommended to complete on your own. Here are a few of the ways the demolition can be hazardous:

  • Demolition could change the structure of the building around you if done incorrectly.
  • Unknown hazards like lead or asbestos may reside within the walls or in other structures and can be dangerous to your health when impacted.
  • Uncertainty of the strengths and weaknesses of the materials used in initial construction.

Advanced Remediation Services is OSHA certified to prepare your property for demolition, complete the tasks, and dispose of hazardous materials correctly to ensure your safety.

Does ARS have protections in place for myself and my property?

Advanced Remediation Services is licensed, bonded and insured to complete your project while also being certified by OSHA to properly handle the demolition task. We TRAIN our employees how to PLAN for job safety and PROVIDE protection to your property!

Is ARS certified to complete our demolition project?

Advanced Remediation Services keeps up-to-date on all the certifications and best practices for completing your demolition project safely.