Commercial Flooring

Advanced Remediation Service is proud to offer commercial flooring options to the Colorado Springs area. Our team is skilled in flooring removal, especially with concern to hazardous materials such as asbestos or mold, and can properly handle and dispose of contaminated materials. We offer selective flooring installations, including commercial epoxy flooring.

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Why should I hire a remediation company for my floor installation?

Did you know that mold and mildew can grow underneath your flooring? Hiring a remediation company, like ARS, can ensure that old, potentially contaminated flooring will be disposed of properly to keep you and your property safe. ARS specializes in commercial epoxy flooring to provide a clean, beautiful, and manageable surface for your building.

Does ARS have protections in place for myself and my property?

Advanced Remediation Services is licensed, bonded and insured to complete your project while also being certified by OSHA to properly handle flooring demolition and installation.